About Alison Clarkson, Food Sylist, Home Economist and Food Writer

Alison Clarkson is a food stylist, home economist and food writer. Her foodie skills range from developing and writing delicious and imaginative recipes to writing interesting, insightful food features and reviews to making beautifully styled food and drinks for photography.

Alison loves to be challenged by new exciting projects and enjoys using her creative flare to fulfil every brief. Her work can be found in magazines and books as well as on packaging, promotional materials, websites and adverts. She also performs live demonstrations and video work. Surrounded by generations of great home cooking, Alison grew up in a small village in South Wales and from an early age it was clear that she had a passion and flair for excellent food. A Marketing degree enabled her to become a food and drinks Marketeer spending the early part of her career working on new product development and food and flavour trends.

Alison's Marketing background not only gives her a good understanding of clients' strategic goals but has also equipped her to work with consumer research groups, work on food trends and lead talks and brainstorm sessions. She is an energetic and versatile individual with a collaborative working style. Clients have included Mattessons, NatMags, Appletiser, Diageo, Origin Publishing, Baco Foil, Florette, Sunday Express, Divine Chocolate, GMTV & Seven Publishing. See more clients